"Andreas Hedberg


Qoutes from articles about A. Hedberg art:


"Andreas artworks truly got soul, you can watch them come alive in front of you."
H Sandström /L Windelius, vindeln.se 2006


"Andreas Hedbergs paintings is made in an unmisstakeable technique"
Peter Kärr, Västerbottningen 2006


"The first thing that strikes you when you are confronted with artworks by Andreas Hedberg is how full of life they are. They aren't just flat pictures hanging on a wall, they reflect reality with spirit. Truly amazing pictures, you can hardly grasp that the creator is so relatively young. Painting portraits like these show maturity and sensibility. Here as well as in his watercolour paintings Andreas way to handle the light is his greatest strength."
Dan Eriksson, Norra Västerbotten 2003


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